Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sunspots and black holes.

I hate grouting. There. I said it. I hate mixing it, I hate applying it, but I REALLY hate cleaning it up. Especially when I’m using black (which I use more often than not). And although cleaning it off the mosaic is certainly no fun, cleaning it off the random body parts it manages to get on is even worse. I rubbed the patch of it off the back of my ear, but I’m sure there is still a black stain there that needs attention. I guess I should just look at it as a flashback to the days of mudpies and ice cream trucks, but somehow I’m just not ready for my second childhood. I’m not posting a picture yet because I will have to go back to it tomorrow to fill the tiny pin holes that I didn’t notice the first time around (and I’ll have to replace the inordinate amount of tiny bits that popped out in the process) and polish off the grout haze. So. Soon, my pretties…..
But I have a drawing for the next project to share. I actually have 3 drawings started, but one of them is a project that needs a little more gestation time. Another I’m not completely happy with – I’ll make some more adjustments before sharing. And then there is this one:
I wanted to work with a square shape for a change – I usually like long rectangles. But I had a hard time choosing a design. I thought that I would maybe have better luck with an abstract design in a square format, but whenever I have tried to pull an abstract design out of my imagination, I think it looks like a child’s drawing (which, btw, is what’s wrong with drawing #2). So for this one I started with a cropped photo of a sunspot. It will be done in reds, oranges, yellows and gold. And probably a bit of black. Maybe.
And in other news….my website is on sick leave indefinitely. I am in the process of trying to transfer the domain name to a different host, and I’m told it can take up to 3 days. Well, that’s assuming I did it right. It may just take 3 days to find out I’ve screwed it up. Oy. When it’s up and running again I’ll let you know.

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