Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What the….um…..huh?

I have never had a problem with compatibility issues when getting a new computer before.  I’m not sure I do now, but something seems to be funky.  Recently I was using Windows XP and my new computer has Windows 7.  Maybe that’s significant, and maybe not.  See if any of you have any insight into this:
I have this blog set up to feed automatically into my Facebook Fan Page.  Everytime I post, after a variable period of time, Facebook picks up the entry as a “Note” and also posts an entry on the Wall.  Yesterday (on the new computer) it did briefly pick up the entry in the Notes section, but never posted it to the Wall.  Today it’s missing from the Notes as well.  ???  I cancelled and reimported the blog – no luck.  The reason I’m wondering if Windows 7 is interfering is because I also can’t seem to import my portfolio website ( into the page builder software I have been using.  And Windows 7 just told me I have a compatibility issue with the photo editing software I just used (although everything worked fine, and the new pic was saved, so……?)  And now I just checked, and the post from yesterday is right where it’s supposed to be on Facebook.  I was going to go back and erase all that above, but, I’m not sure what’s going on, or why that would happen, so if anyone has any thoughts about it, I’d love to hear them.
Anyway, I thought I’d post a pic of the knitting I told you about yesterday.  I had some yarn I bought a couple of years ago and never used.  It was pretty inexpensive, but has 5% cashmere in it (scrumptious!).   I started a lace pattern cardigan for spring/summer (keep in mind I live in New Hampshire – I will wear it in the summer too).  I have the back, front and one sleeve finished – here’s the stitch pattern:
I’ll show you the whole thing when it’s finished.
Meanwhile, because I was jealous of Crystal Thomas’ vacation to Mexico after Christmas smile_teeth I started a quick little mosaic for myself out of Talavera tile and 24K gold.  It’s a dragon that is sort of a cross between a Chinese style and Mayan style.  I used photos of both as a reference.  Pics of that to follow  :)


  1. Glad I could make you jealous enough to inspire you! :-)

  2. LOL - whatever works, right? :)



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