Monday, March 1, 2010

New mosaic – Poppies and Willow

Poppies and Willow is finished! I felt like this had taken more time than it should have but looking back, I completed two small pieces as well during the time I worked on it, so that’s not so bad. But as always, I’m relieved to move on.
Poppies and Willow
Poppies and Willow
24” X 18” Stained glass, vitreous glass, unglazed porcelain
and freshwater pearls on MDF
I don’t think in mentioned the collaborative project I have coming up – if I did just skip this part! :) The members of New Englad Wax (a group of encaustic artists) have invited the member of Mosaics New England to join with them is a collaboration known as The Diptych Project. An encaustic artist and a mosaic artist will be teamed up. Each will make an original piece in their medium on any theme – the only constraint is that they be on the same substrate and the same size. Then the team will exchange artworks and make a “response piece” to what they have received. The the original and it’s response will be exhibited together – dates and locations to be announced. I love encaustic art – the luminosity is amazing. If you aren’t familiar with it, be sure to take a look at some wonderful examples here.



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