Friday, March 5, 2010

Ready, set, GO!

I do have to wonder what makes me one of those “feast or famine” types – either I’m slammed with commitments or I wander around looking for things to do. It must be a congenital inability to manage time (which is probably why I am such a fan of quantum physics which posits that time does not run in a straight line). After all, it can’t be a lack of discipline. Can it?


Item #1 – small piece, only 8” x 10.5”. Alternating ribbons of copper and gold iridescent paint covered by tempered glass, with many shades of blue between them. Not a “pressing” commitment because it is intended for the show in June, but since it’s small and therefore not too time consuming, I’d rather finish it before jumping into the next item.


Item #2 – the panels arrived today for the diptych project! Yay! I have to prime the front before beginning, so that will be tomorrow’s project. Then after finishing the small piece above, I’ll get right on this one. And by the way, I found a marvelous glass shop in Concord, NH with a really lovely lady behind the counter who was quite helpful. It’s called Detailed Stained Glass, on South Main St. They don’t seem to have a website or I’d give you a link. I went in looking for a piece of amber stained glass, and possibly a brown swirly type piece, and found tons, literally, of gorgeous glass! The best part about it is that she has a great selection of small (8 X 12) pieces. I almost never will need more than that!


And Item #3 – a friend from many years ago (don’t ask how many!) has a very talented daughter who painted this at age 9. He has asked me to make a mosaic, a glass on glass piece, to give her for her 13th birthday in August. I am really excited to get to work on this – I LOVE the fiery colors.

So what am I doing here talking to you? I have work to do!!!


  1. hello Lee Ann - these pieces in the making look very lovely. I really enjoy having several pieces on the go at the same time! Have a big new commission now - very exciting but I think it will take over somewhat. Hope the sun is shining for you x

  2. Thanks Concetta. I usually try not to do more than one at a time, because space is at a premium in my studio. But when the old ADD rears it's ugly head, whatcha gonna do? :) And yes, the sun is actually shining and we've had a warm spell that makes me very happy. Good luck with your big commission!



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