Monday, March 29, 2010

Room With a View


I’m getting close to being done. I had hoped to finish by the end of this week, and if nothing unexpected pops up to demand my attention, I just might make it! Well, except for the grouting – that I might not get to until next week anyway (since nice weather is predicted for the end of this week, I’ll be OUTSIDE!)

And if you wonder what I’ll be doing outside when the weather dries up – take a look at the “mosaic” patio I’m working on. It’s just rocks pulled up out of the ground around the property that are laid in a crazy paving style (opus palladianum – ha!). In between I’ll plant creeping thyme, turkish speedwell and native mosses (grout!). I hate for you to see all the nasty leaves from last year lying around, but until a bit of undergrowth in the forest begins to come up and trap the leaves there, they will just blow back in. Besides, it is only March, and the plants could use the blanket for awhile yet.


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