Saturday, April 24, 2010

I promise I haven’t forgotten you!

With a couple of projects finished in quick succession and the plant sale to prepare for, I have not even been looking at anyone else’s art, much less making my own. But I think this is a good time to remind myself that art is everywhere. For example, in the gardens. I have my gardens packed with odd little objects, statues, geodes, painted plaques, Kleenex box covers (!), kitschy metal sculptures, you get the picture. And then there is the garden itself – the design of which is an artwork, but one that is organic on several levels. There is first the fact that it is full of organic things – duh. Then the fact that I use no chemicals to produce it (and I don’t need any state certification to call it organic – take that bureaucrats!). And then there is the fact that the gardens themselves change – grow and shrink, change shape and move from one area to another.

The vegetable garden, which is now twice the size of this
A little performance art…
gregs gardens 007
A garden which was recently reduced in size by about 1/4
Gardens static in size, but constantly being rearranged
The art of balance
Recycled art

Have a great weekend!

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