Friday, April 16, 2010

Um…yeah. Better luck next week.

This has been a lost week, more or less. Between the nice weather earlier in the week (requiring that I go outside and get my hands dirty) and the tax filing deadline *ouch!*, I have only come into the studio long enough to make a mess of things. I have papers stacked around, glass bits scattered all over the tables (and floor), cat hair collecting in the corners….ugh.
So in other words, I have nothing to show you (because I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see the cat hair tumbleweeds). However, whenever I want to look at some cool mosaic work I go to Flickr. This group on Flickr has work from lots of artists you may have heard of, and a few you probably haven’t, but it’s all very inspirational. Go take a peek – you won’t be sorry!
Since I’m working on a glass on glass (GOG) piece currently, I thought I’d share one with you that was created by Victor Nunnally who is renowned for his GOG. This is just one of the awesome pieces in the Flickr group.
A Mosaic Sea of Life by Victor Nunnally

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  1. thanks for the visit to my blog... time in my studio ebbs with the seasons for myself.



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