Monday, May 17, 2010

Experimentation is good.

I have no idea why I thought you needed a picture of my foot. But there it is, in all it’s glory. Anyway, waiting for the thinset to dry on the microscopic outlines of the last two leaves (ok, so today’s theme is exaggeration), I decided to do a little experimentation on the background that I had envisioned before committing to it.
Before starting this project, I had asked some fellow mosaic artists whether they had ever used watercolor pencil on a substrate before covering it with tiles. I wanted to give myself just a little bit of guidance on the shading of the dogwood petals, but wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t interfere with the adhesion of the thinset. No one had ever had a problem with it, so I decided “why just the petals, let’s try it on the background too!”.
Although this will give you a slight idea of what I’m thinking, the color values tilesaren’t even close to accurate. So yeah, I’m really just screwin’ with your head. I had no pencils even remotely close the the color I wanted on the top, so I just threw some loose stuff up there, and these are the colors that will go on the lower section (although that cobalt blue is a little too strong for my taste, and will probably not make the cut).

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