Friday, May 28, 2010

PMFA exhibit At The Edge

Last evening was the opening reception for the new show at the Portsmouth Museum of Fine Art - At The Edge. This exhibit displays works from artists and their New York galleries in an effort to "challenge viewers' preconceived notions about familiar objects and art forms." So….yeah. Not exactly “right up my alley”, but as I told a friend, I figured going to the exhibit would be like eating your veggies – you might not enjoy it but it would be good for you.

There were a couple of pieces that made an impression on me. Interestingly enough – neither of those pieces made it into the Yankee Magazine review. I guess that proves my point about my tastes running in different directions! Anyway, if you go – you can’t fail to notice the octopus chandelier hanging right at the entrance to the exhibit (And Eve, I couldn’t get a picture there, but I have been promised one!) It was certainly my favorite piece. One of those things that is just startling enough to twist your reality for a moment, without being actually disturbing! The other was a huge print (I think a photo collage?) that I interpreted to be a commentary on consumerism. It was a woman in a dress seen from behind, and she appeared to be taking something off a shelf to put in a basket, but everything, including her dress, was covered in price tags and sale stickers.

And in other news, I can tell you that I am ROCKIN’ this second diptych panel. I had put 7 tiles (3/4” square) on it and walked off and left it several days ago. I got back on it this morning, and I have it 2/3 of the way done! Yeah, baby. Outta my way! I’m a mosaic machine! No pics yet for two reasons. Number one, I’m lazy and the camera is downstairs. Number two – because this is a response to the encaustic piece I received from Deb Claffey a couple months ago, to show you pics before the image is complete will sort of spoil the surprise of “how” I’m responding to it. But mostly because I’m lazy.

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  1. I am intrigued by the idea of an octopus chandelier! I did a quick search for photos and found some but not sure if they are from the exhibit you speak of. Must keep me posted!



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