Saturday, June 5, 2010

Opening reception and an excellent review

001 Last evening was the opening reception of the Great Bay Art Association Annual Members’ Show at the Discover Portsmouth Center. It was timed to coincide with Portsmouth’s First Friday Art Walk. We had a very nice turnout, and if the disappearance rate of the food and wine was any indication, it was a larger crowd than expected!
I was pleasantly surprised and grateful to find that the show had been reviewed by Chloe Johnson of The Wire. Here’s what she had to say about my art:
Mosaics by Lee Ann Petropoulos are one of the highlights, literally, as the glass tiles and beads reflect in the well lit space. Color coordination and composition mingle in these time consuming designs, mostly floral and inspired by her gardens. The mirror behind “Green Grows the Grass” gives this summery scene even more of a glow and lets viewers become part of the art. All are surprisingly feminine and organic despite the solidity of the material.
One section of my art at the show, including Green Grows the Grass.

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