Monday, June 14, 2010

Tut tut…looks like rain.

I have yet to grout the piece, which I think I will get done tomorrow, but today I finished placing all the tiles on the response piece to the Diptych Project encaustic. So here for the first time…..the concept:


This is the original encaustic piece by Deb Claffey, my partner in the collaboration. She has actually incorporated some glass in it, in the middle of the piece. I was charged with producing a “response” to this. As I looked at it, I thought of leaves being blown off a tree during a summer storm (since they aren’t colored the way autumn leaves would be). So I felt that what it deserved was a piece to go on the left which added to that impression:


I really wanted the stormy look to be represented, even though my husband argued that the bluish grey in the upper section detracted from the leaves. So maybe that was the wrong choice, but I just felt that the concept would be more evident with the bluish grey. I constructed this of marble, vitreous, ceramic “nano tiles” and polymer clay sculpted leaves. The nano tiles are in the tree, and are 5mm square, or for the metrically challenged among us, approximately 3/16”. And I was insane enough to cut some of them.


Good times.

I’ll post pics again after I grout.


  1. love the leaves and your colour choices but to me the tree shows no movement if it is meant to elicit the feeling of a stormy day.....

  2. Hi Jacqui. It's true that I didn't put much movement into the tree. The encaustic piece isn't exactly Realism. What I was hoping for was to 'suggest' this concept rather than spell it out. I originally planned to make the tree more abstract that it is, but was afraid it would be mistaken for something else. Perhaps I missed the mark, but I intentionally shied away from adding movement for that reason.



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