Monday, July 12, 2010

Back in the saddle again


Feels good to be back to the business of being creative after 3 weeks of what sort of felt like the antithesis of creation.  I have to say that watching over someone in hospice feels like a deconstruction of a life – memories wander into your thoughts in no particular order, the implications of everything you ever shared with that person take on a magnitude they never had before.  Things begin to make sense in a way.  My life is different because of it, and that’s a good thing.

So anyway, I’m in the studio today and slingin’ grout all over everywhere.  Finishing up the diptych *snort* project, and then I have to get serious about the abstract I have planned for an exhibit in Mystic, Connecticut this fall.  I’m having hs-2009-32-a-large_weba really tough time settling on a design.  Abstract doesn’t come easily to me as I have mentioned before, but I obviously won’t get any better at it unless I work on it.  I have the inclination to start with a photo from the Hubble telescope, and go from there.  If you haven’t seen this website it’s well worth some time – the photos are magnificent! 

I think in the meantime, while working out that abstract, I will finish the watercolor poppy I started before I left.  Maybe. 

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