Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Because I have nothing else to do…..

Do you ever wonder what the hell is wrong with me? I know I do.

I have a bajillion things that I need to be doing between now and the end of August (I’ll tell you why soon) and instead of doing ANY of them, I started another mosaic.

Yeah, I know – what happened to the tree thingy? It’s still there, I promise. In fact, here’s how far I got before I decided I would slit my wrists with the tiny bits of stained glass if I didn’t take a break:

010Aside from the suicidal thoughts, I’m waiting on a delivery before I’ll be able to finish it anyway. So there.


I drew a design on thinset covered Wedi some time ago that I planned to do in smalti. Here’s where I started with that. I used a photo of a sunspot as a reference, and was over-the-moon excited about it. For about two days. I stashed the substrate in the closet, and took it out about 2 weeks ago. Now at this point in the story I should go back and mention that I tend to smear pencil lines almost into oblivion while working, so I thought I’d use a wet-erase marker to draw the design so it wouldn’t smear. In red. Oh….oh....not yet……….wait for it…..

So, when I retrieved the substrate from the closet a couple of weeks ago, I decided to trash the idea and start from scratch. “So I’ll just cover it with another thin coat of thinset” she says, to no one in particular. And yes, I know you’re a step ahead of me here – the moisture in the thinset carried the wet-erase marker with it right up to the surface. *insert favorite insult here*

So apparently I’m going to do something approximating that design after all. But not in smalti. I started with the Chinese painting stone I got from Mosaic Rocks awhile back, and began swirling out with rocks collected from various sources, including a public seashore which shall remain nameless.


I’ll fill in between those large rocks with marble, also from Mosaic Rocks.



  1. Lee Ann, forgive me for laughing about that. I'm sure it wasn't very funny to you at the time, though :\

    I have a question about working with Wedi. Do you always cover the board with a layer of thinset before drawing your cartoon?

  2. Actually Keith, if I couldn't laugh at myself I'd be in a lot of trouble!

    I do always cover Wedi with thinset for two reasons: 1) depending on the size of the tess, the waffle texture might make it harder to get them to lie flat (the smaller they are, the more trouble you'll have) and 2) the thinset gives me a nice light colored surface to draw on. I could use white chalk pencil on the dark grey surface, but again, the waffle texture would make it harder to draw on as well.

  3. Thanks, Lee Ann! I bought my first sheet of Wedi a few days ago and can't wait to get started.

  4. I like the rocks ~ very zen feel :)



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