Friday, July 16, 2010

Finish this or start that…I think I’ll get another cup of coffee instead.

Well, focus seems to be in short supply this week. Every time I set my intention to work in the studio, something pulls me away, and before I know it, the day is gone. Of course, the heat and humidity of this week has had a hand in it – my studio is second floor, south side of the house, no AC. 009
However, I have added a couple of brushstrokes to the watercolor – still have much to do on the flower center, and lots of glazing on the background. It’s just a matter of finding a day when I can keep the distractions down. Really want to get it done soon so I can clean up all the watercolor mess I’ve made.
And then there is the next mosaic in the works. I have a exhibit to submit to that 001is looking for elegant, ‘different’ type stuff, and decided to try something new (and something old!) I have a yummy piece of stained glass that makes me think of dawn. I’m going to use that as a substrate and add bare tree branches over it, leaving some of the substrate exposed for the background. Using stained glass for the substrate and background is new, the bare011 tree thing is a bit of an old theme for me. Although I shouldn’t put it that way – it never gets old to me! I will admit that it’s hard to say how close to the drawing the finished mosaic will turn out – I don’t know how I can draw on the glass without it wiping off as I work, and the tiny branches will probably end up a bit thicker out of necessity.

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