Monday, August 2, 2010

A little perspective, please.

It’s no secret that my drawing skills could use a little help. And so could my self-discipline, apparently, since my commitment to daily sketches lasted 8 freakin’ days.
Most days, I don’t really care. I draw something, identify what doesn’t make me happy and adjust it until I can live with it. However……
I’m not usually drawing things with angles. Maybe that’s actually why I tend to gravitate to flowers, botanicals, wavy abstracts. No angles to screw up. Not today, boys and girls. Today I want to draw a barn.
‘nuff said.
Maybe I should just add a tornado to the picture.


  1. I know that there are 'workbooks' for daily writing exercises. I wonder if there isn't one out there for drawing/painting, too....

  2. Hahahahaha - yeah. Probably. Not happenin'


  3. I envy your ability to draw anything. My skills are so lacking. I do like the tornado though! :)



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