Thursday, August 5, 2010

A little quickie…..

Get your mind out of the gutter! I meant a quick project! Sheesh.

My son is moving into a house that he and a couple of friends are renting. He’s putting a crazy amount of time and hard work into fixing it up just the way he wants it. It’s an old farmhouse that has tons of charm, but needs some TLC. So the other day he brought me a little occasional table that he received for Christmas several years ago. It had a tile on top that was striped in bright colors of random width. Very 1973, if you ask me. He really didn’t like the top, and since he was working so hard on everything else, I said “sure, I’ll recover that for you!”


So there it is – de-sissified. Black marble and white carrara marble (since he’s a mechanic and loves Formula 1 racing cars, I had to resist the urge to completely turn it into a checkered flag – he is 22, after all!)


  1. What a wonderful gift for your son....very cool indeed!

  2. If it was a 'quickie', then did it take you less than four minutes to assemble this? ;-)

  3., actually. And now I know a little more about you that I might have ever wanted to!!! LOL



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