Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Penrod and zombies

Saturday I went to the Penrod Art Fair on the grounds of the Indianapolis Art Museum. Rain was predicted, but I was optimistic. Which turned out to be unjustified, as it were. It POURED between about 11:30 and 12:30. While my friend and I didn’t stay long enough to see the sun peek out, some folks did, and I have stolen their pictures.


Tents lined up in front of the Eli Lilly house on the grounds.








Tents under the trees (none of this can possibly give you an idea of the scope of this fair – it’s HUGE)





Funky stained glass art in one of the tents – lots of recycled glass in these, some metal pieces included as if they were glass (so cool!), and even chandelier prisms. One of my favorite artists from that day.

Yesterday my monster sized sheets of Wedi arrived (30” X 36”), and today I gave one of them a skim coat of thinset. But here’s the thing – I think that the design I had in mind will turn out too similar to another one I did some time ago I think. So………yeah. Bleh. Drawing board, here I come.

But on a lighter note, MY ZOMBIE BUNNY IS ON ITS WAY!!!! Take a look at Eve Lynch’s blog for a little peek at what’s coming.

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