Monday, October 11, 2010

Because once really is not enough….

Maybe you’ll think this feels like I’m cheating, but I just ran across a video I posted here almost exactly a year ago and it made me laugh. I just had to share it so that anyone who has joined us here since I posted that could be sure to see it. A two day art fair in Nashua, NH was a total washout the first day, but the second day was so gorgeous that everyone’s mood was just over-the-top happy. And then it got even better : ) The backstory:

Dr. Gilberto Garcia appeared at my mosaic display out of nowhere and instantly became the center of attention in the area. A colorful man in his South American style vest and tweed hat with ribbon, he started a conversation as if we were long lost friends. I learned that he was a retired M.D. who was currently writing 3 books: one in French, one in Russian, and one in Latin. Oh, but there were the 3 previous books he had written, two in Chinese (different dialects) and one in Greek. He was, he said, in command of 9 different languages. He told me that besides writing books, his mission in life as a retiree was to support artists, who after all, need to eat! He said he had purchased a painting from an artist at another venue for $1,000 (on a payment plan) and would next purchase a painting from the artist in the adjacent building (because he had already promised her that he would). And would I be interested in making a mosaic especially for him sometime in November or December? He would really love a mosaic of an iguana. Then he produced a drawing of an iguana from his jacket pocket done on black cardstock in colored pencil. The colored pencils, by the way, he carried with him. Dr. Garcia then told me why he was so interested in iguanas.

“When I was a boy growing up in Columbia, I taught myself to hunt the iguana. I would capture the iguana, and take a razor blade to cut them open and remove the eggs. Then I would stitch them back up and eat the eggs. They have no blood, did you know that? That was my first training to be a doctor!”

Yeah, I couldn’t make this up. And just when I was beginning to wonder if he had misplaced his marbles he told me that he was also a dancer, and then live music from Emerald Strings started up again. Well, you be the judge…..

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