Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In the midst of a creative logjam!

I’m SO not complaining! Please understand that my greatest fear is that one day I will wake up and have absolutely no idea what to do next. I think that having so many ideas wanting out all at once is a much better problem to have!
And the fun part is the sources of some of the inspirations. I’m a pretty visual person in general, but the latest idea wanting out was the result of an aroma. When I was in 6th grade, I had a ballpoint pen with perfumed ink. Now I know that perfumed ink is a classic tool in writing the billet doux, but when I was in 6th grade? Pfft!!! That perfume was solely for MY benefit! No wonder I didn’t have any friends – who wants to be associated with someone who sniffs her science tests?
Anyway, in 6th grade I also had……a pocket folder whose cover was a line drawing with a very 70s Mod, almost psychedelic, design. A waterfall, maybe a unicorn? (surely not!) It came with a set of markers so I could bring it to life. The perfumed ink of the ballpoint pen and the design on that folder are very closely related in my memory, so when I caught a whiff of that same aroma as the perfumed ink, I instantly wanted to create something based on the design of that folder! What triggered this? Lubriderm lotion. Seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up! It smells just like that ballpoint pen.
Meantime, I have something that I really need to work on first. I have committed to donate a mosaic. Lin Schorr, goddess of the public mosaic project, is coordinating a mosaic auction to benefit Doctors Without Borders. It is to be a small piece (thank goodness!) and of course I haven’t started it yet. But today at least I decided on the design. Because the benefit is for Doctors Without Borders, it made sense to me that it be based on a picture from a country outside of the US. My daughter was in Zanzibar last April and took some of the most amazing pictures of sunsets on the water, I decided to combine two of them, abstract them a bit, and see what we get. Here are the two pics:
Z14 Z17
The sailboat picture was cropped and lightened a bit, and in the design I will crop the other as well. Next post, I’ll show you what I end up with.
Oh…..I almost forgot to mention that I have a design drawn out (very large) to start a mosaic based on this photo:

And another to do in smalti, also drawn out and ready to go, based on my dreams of water.


  1. LOVE the clouds in that sunset pic. You are certainly crazy to have so many things going on at once...are we related? :)

  2. Yeah, well if I didn't have so much I'm trying to keep up with, what would I complain about? LOL

    My daughter came back from Zanzibar with tons of gorgeous pics - what a beautiful place! I'll have to go sometime.



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