Monday, October 18, 2010

Obviously, I was abducted by aliens.

I haven’t posted here in a week, and that last one kinda didn’t count, so really, there is no other way to explain that episode of “missing time”. Besides, I have proof – they left their minions behind to keep an eye on me:


I did finish up the maple leaf mosaic in time to submit the entry to Maplestone Gallery’s ‘Arboreal Art’ exhibit in Creemore, Ontario. Other than that, I haven’t spent much time making my own art. Things are likely to be very busy over the next month, but hopefully then I can concentrate a bit more on my own work. It’s good that I’m getting more of a routine going with the gallery, so the operation of that is less time consuming.

Today was also the deadline for the Mosaic Vision exhibit at Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, NC. I submitted Green Grows the Grass and have mixed feelings about that. I had hoped to make something new for that and absolutely didn’t have the time, but when I submitted this mosaic, I realized I had never written an artist’s statement for it. In doing so, I realized that my penchant for differing perspectives (tight close ups, design elements running off the edge, etc) had manifested here in a bug’s eye view of a gorgeous sunny day. And because of the transparent smalti and tempered glass, the mirror behind actually gives you some idea of how you might look to a bug. It’s fun to find a new appreciation for a piece you thought you were through with! So I guess that kinda makes it feel like new : )

LeeAnnPetropoulos_Gravity LeeAnnPetropoulos_GreenGrowstheGrass


  1. Is is seethrough smalti on the right? Love it!

  2. Yes! I really liked that effect and would love to do another transparent smalti on mirror, just haven't gotten around to it.



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