Thursday, November 11, 2010

Untitled. Because I can’t choose.

Well, the existential crisis I refer to in the subtitle of this blog has wrapped it’s slimy fingers around my brain again today. Some days I’m awed by the limitless possibilities of being. And there are times like these (which, oddly enough, was playing on Pandora as I wrote those words), when that limitlessness is more important than the possibilities themselves. j0430489 If I choose, I close doors. And yet wasn’t it the band Rush that said “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”?
I have always had the sense that a label was a limit. If you are '’this’ then you are not ‘that”. I think that’s in part a reaction to the sense that as our society and lifestyles seem to pick up speed, we are encouraged – rather required – to narrow our focus, to specialize, to forsake certain possibilities in favor of other “more important” ones. The days of the Renaissance Man are long gone. No one has time to be well versed in many things, and there is precious little respect in today’s culture for anyone who aspires to be.
At any rate, because I have been in such a funky mood, it seemed appropriate to me to start the mosaic that I designed based on dreams. Although dream interpretation is not something I know much about, I believe Jung claimed that water symbolized the subconscious. I very often dream of water – sometimes it’s threatening sea swells and sometimes a peaceful creek in the woods. Although there is sometimes trepidation in the dream about the power of the water, I always ending up realizing that I have nothing to fear. This particular mosaic is designed in a very different color palette than I typically use. I’m so fond of bright, primary colors, but this one is muted. The colors are rich (I’m using Italian smalti) but for the most part, the color scheme is analogous – purple, blue and green.

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