Friday, November 5, 2010

Yupo flashbacks.

I learn a little something with every artwork I make. Most days, that makes me happy. But every now and then I think “why can’t I just do one $*%&^ thing right the first time?”

Yeah. That’s me today.


Two things – I have always loved the watery abstract backgrounds I’ve seen other people manage on watercolors, and I was so focused on that, that I didn’t plan the flower well enough. Also, I hate gum arabic.

I have never added gum arabic before, but since I had read repeatedly that it would increase transparency and add a bit of luster to the paint, I wanted to try it. I had also read that it would make lifting paint out easier. Well….

If you have ever worked on Yupo and hated it, you can recreate that experience by adding gum arabic to your watercolors. o.0

And now you know. You’re welcome.


  1. Do you like working on Yupo? I tried gum arabic mixed with pearlex powders to paint over my grout-I didn't like that gum arabic either and it was expensive!

    Your watercolor looks good to me, we are our own worst critics.


  2. Peggy, I HATED Yupo. I have an acquaintance who paints the most exquisite landscapes in watercolor on Yupo, but every time I tried to paint on it, I kept accidently wiping the paint off of areas I was finished with. I got so frustrated I gave up. I felt like the gum arabic did the same thing in essence - the paint became too easy to remove.

    Did you put the pearlex powder in gum arabic because you wanted a clear solution to just add a little shimmer to the grout? Did you try just adding the pearlex powder directly to the grout?
    Or maybe you could also mix it in with grout sealer? That would be clear, and hopefully help it stick.



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