Friday, December 10, 2010

Bah, humbug

Well it’s apparently a side effect of the holiday season. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.
I ran across a blog post I wrote last December, bemoaning my incredibly short (and continuously shortening) attention span, and guess what? I could have written it yesterday, and it would be just as apt.
I did manage yesterday to write two prospectuses for upcoming exhibits, so at least that’s something. However…….
I have 2 paintings and 3 mosaics started and abandoned. Not that I won’t go back to them, but when I get the itch to work on something, I feel like I want to start something else rather than work on what I’ve already started! I don’t seem to do this so much at other times of the year.
On the other hand, part of my reluctance to work on these things might be because it is absolutely frigid in my studio. It’s chilly in the gallery, hovering between 59 and 62, but in the adjacent studio I’m pretty sure there’s at least a 10 degree drop. Gotta love an old building. I feel a little like Bob Crachit. Can’t we have just one more piece of coal?

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  1. That's pretty much how it is for me. I start a project, and halfway through I either hate it, or get more interested in something else. :( I have stuff I haven't finished in years!

    I will second the Bah humbug too. LOL.



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