Monday, December 27, 2010

Stick-to-it-tive-ness. I don’t have it.

Blog change!  I decided it was time to cut some of the clutter on the sidebar by adding pages (tabs at the top will take you there).  Sadly enough, it’s pretty tough to tell I removed anything.  But while in the cobwebby back room where all the blog magic takes place, I changed darn near everything else too.  It might be that I’m just really on top of things.  Or that I have ADD.  Probably the latter.

After the “Wintercane of 2010” (they used “snowmageddon” last year, so that was taken) we felt lucky that we didn’t lose power from the snow loads and atrocious winds.  Our final snow total was only about 12”, considerably less than points south.  Still pretty.

Tomorrow my son returns to Arizona after his surprise visit to NH.  So sad to see him go, but grateful he had an extra day and a half here due to the storm.  Fortunately his flight was cancelled early enough that he didn’t end up stranded in an airport somewhere. 

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