Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two new paintings

I mentioned in a previous post that I had some creative projects I was working on, but I couldn’t show them to you because they were Christmas gifts.  So now you can see that I’ve not been totally lazy and distracted…..
MonocerotisThe first one I finished was painted from a Hubble Telescope photo, Red Supergiant V838 Monocerotis.  My youngest son (who moved to Arizona in September) is interested in astronomy, so this was for him.  I used the Chroma Atelier Interactive acrylics on this and the next one.  I really like these paints!  The only drawback I see is that some of them are very transparent and some are very opaque, and there seem to be several degrees of opacity in between.  There is a bit of a learning curve remembering which ones are which, but that’s just a matter of time.
Times Square
Next was this painting from a photo I took in New York City in 2006.  My sister-in-law lives about an hour outside of NYC  We had Thanksgiving dinner at her house that year, and the day after we went to NYC to see the sights.  After an hour or so at ESPN Zone for the benefit of the teenage boys (and teenage wannabes) we wandered around the streets for awhile.  This was obviously taken while crossing the street.  The photo turned out quite blurry, and that was perfect for this painting.  My middle child has always been crazy about NYC and he was with us on this trip, so this was his present this year.
I am still out of town visiting with my kids, so it will be another week or so before I can get back in the swing, but I have a couple of mosaics started that I’m anxious to get back to when I return. 
Hope you all have a happy and safe New Year! 


  1. I love Lee ann Art.they are beautiful.Nice post.

  2. These are both so beautiful! Lucky recipients!

  3. Thank you Liz-Anna. Both the boys seemed pleased :)

  4. wonderful! The Hubble could be a source of inspiration for eons.



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