Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cutting glass again…..aaaahh

Sometimes it strikes me funny that breaking something and putting it back together can be so gratifying.  It seems so silly when you look at the essence of what mosaic artists (and quilters) do – tearing up something that was already beautiful in order to change it into something else. 
This is all brought to mind tonight because of a blog post at Tribal WriterHow to be a creative badass:  a 12-point plan.  Don’t you just love that title?  You already know you’ll find a pearl of wisdom in there, don’t you?
Point #1:  Live for the process.    Yep.  That pretty well sums up the point of the first paragraph here.  The process of taking those yummy colors of smalti and smashing them to bits so that they can be combined in ways that no one else expected……that’s what it’s all about.
Point #5:  Follow your instincts.  I was describing my way of working to a fellow artist today as he was watching me work on my latest mosaic.  I told him that I have learned that to do much planning is devastating to the results when I work in mosaic.  The more I plan, the less I will like the finished piece.  I find that the situation is the opposite when painting – inadequate planning results in a horrid painting.  But in mosaic for some reason the creativity is directed by some level of intelligence that flows out through the fingers.  There is no conscious thought involved about exactly which color to pick up.  The perfect cut NEVER comes after actually thinking about how to cut it.
When I taught piano lessons, often a student would be able to answer my questions about how something should be played, but would tell me they couldn’t do it.  I would tell them “don’t think, just do”.  (Yoda, I was, hmm?)  If I could get them to disengage their critical thinking and just do it, they would amaze themselves!  I find myself wishing I could do that as easily in other areas of my life as I do with mosaic. 
Be sure to check out the whole post at Tribal Writer – she always offers a great deal to think about, whatever your creative bent.
So, a photo….your pitiful reward for slogging through this post.
Sugar Creek.  Smalti and glass beads.
© Lee Ann Petropoulos 2011


  1. I love your progress on your mosaic so far, the blues are scrumptious!! And I love trees... :)

  2. Thanks Christine - and I'm so glad I didn't plan TOO much on this, because I only just yesterday thought to make one of the trees a sycamore - I think that will be a great contrast with the dreary sky I am planning to put in.



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