Friday, January 28, 2011

Work in progress–Claudie

Several years ago I found a gorgeous hydrangea at a garden center in Farmington NH.  The variety name was Claudie, and it was supposed to be hardy, even though it looked like a lacecap variety (which wouldn’t be hardy in NH).  I took it home and watered and fed it carefully-even talked to it-but it only lived two seasons, and the second season only just.  But I got a great photo of it the first season and I decided to create a memorial, more or less, to that brief but glorious blooming.

I really hate to tell you how much time I have spent on this to just get to this point.  I might be the slowest painter you ever met.  I get distracted so easily, which is really only part of the problem.  But I paint about half and hour, then I have to go check my email, get a drink of water, or check the mailbox.  I recently got a Masterson Stay-Wet palette, which at least prevents me from wasting as much paint as I used to.  I would really like to have this finished by Feb 11 so I can enter it in the Art in Bloom exhibit (do you have your prospectus?) but I can’t yet say whether or not I can make that happen. 

I started off experimenting with some new paints – DaVinci Fluid Acrylics.  Not a fan.  I’m really disappointed.  The consistency is about that of the little craft paints I used to get at Michael’s many years ago when I first started painting.  But I actually think the coverage isn’t as good.  I then switched back to my Chroma Atelier Interactives, which I really like.

I have yet to receive the new colors of the smalti for the mosaic I’m working on, so no new progress there.  I’ll keep you posted!

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