Thursday, February 3, 2011

This and that…

The latest progress shot on Claudie:
Still much to do, but I think I need a bit of a break.  The smalti arrived for the mosaic in progress so I think I might go back to that for awhile.  Or maybe I’m too close to being finished with this to stop now.  Maybe I’ll just go lurk on Facebook for awhile.

The last few days have been spent cooped up waiting for the roof to cave in.  The monster storm that buried Chicago under 2 feet of snow left us with about 1” of solid ice.  The trees surrounding the house dropped branches on the roof all night Tuesday night.  We never lost power, but I began to worried that I was going to be crushed by a fallen tree in my sleep.  Today is the first day the gallery has been open since the storm rolled through, and I had the pleasure of chopping about 3” of ice off the 3 steps up into the gallery.  I then attacked about 4 feet of sidewalk and expired.  Really wonder where the building owner is………

Hope you all have weathered the storm without major catastrophes.  Stay safe!

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