Sunday, February 27, 2011

Um….well that was unexpected!

Such an eventful couple of weeks!  Two weeks ago (almost) my son who lives in Flagstaff, Arizona was in a nasty car accident.  He was lucky and suffered fewer injuries than the others in the van, but nonetheless, Mom had to rush out there to make sure everything was going to be ok.  I am really only now back in the swing of regular life.

His work crew of 6, on the way home from a job at 4:30 in the afternoon, fell asleep.  All of them.  Even the driver.  So when the road turned, they 5442957365_8f155b5d85didn’t, and consequently they all became intimately acquainted with the business end of a Ponderosa pine.  Ben suffered a hairline fracture in one of his lower vertebra and his left orbital bone, and broke both the radius and ulna of his left arm.  His new metal hardware in his arm means he will never again pass unnoticed through security at the airport.  However, a couple of the others were in intensive care for at least a week, so Ben and I both are a little amazed by his good fortune.

But somehow I managed to catch a rather nasty virus while I was in AZ.  My other son Will is convinced I caught Hanta virus from an Indian reservation in New Mexico.  Never mind that I was never in New Mexico, and the only Indian reservation I was in, I never even got out of the car.  At any rate, I spent the last 3 days of my visit trying to cough up a lung.  Then the real fun began…..

My flight home was from Phoenix to Milwaukee, then to Indianapolis last Sunday.  We spent Saturday night in Phoenix instead of Flagstaff, since Flagstaff was expecting a foot of snow.  But although I left Phoenix as scheduled on Sunday, when I arrived in Milwaukee I found that my flight to Indy had been cancelled due to to whopping 1.9” of snow they had received.  Seriously, AirTran?  And the next flight they could get me on was Monday night at 7?  Ugh.  I spent the night sleeping on the floor of the Milwaukee airport, coughing often and hard enough to clear a 20’ radius.  There was at least no fear of being molested.

Then two days off work to recover some semblance of humanity, and I find myself SO far behind that I don’t know if I’m gaining on that horse in front of me or if I’ve just been lapped.

But….as of tonight I think I have everything in hand for the Art in Bloom opening reception March 11.  And that is as close as I have come to making any art in nearly a month.  It will have to do.


  1. Awesome story minus the injuries to your son. Hope you are feeling better and have a great exhibit! I see you've added Technorati tags. We must be communicating on a psychic level again...I was just reading about them.

  2. Thanks Eve! Everything is slowly getting back to normal, whatever that is! LOL

  3. Wow, glad you have gotten through all that and hope you and your son, and his coworkers, are mending well.
    And I'm adding technorati tags to my research list, thanks :)

  4. Hi Linda! Life goes on, eh? If you wait long enough everything gets better doesn't it?

    But you both mention the Technorati tags, and I thought I'd give my 2 cents on that.....

    I use Windows Live Writer to compose my blog, because I find it SOOO much easier to insert pictures where I want them without messing up the text I already input. That's it- really the only reason. But to add tags to the posts, I have been posting, then signing in to Blogger, editing the post, adding tags, publishing, then editing again when I saw how the edit messed up the text formatting. What a PIA!

    So Windows Live Writer has Technorati tags available that I can use when I compose the post. Is it better then the tags Blogger inserts? I have absolutely no idea. Is it easier? Hell yeah! :D But that's what it boils down to.....I'm lazy.

  5. Ah, that makes sense. It IS always an adventure to add photos into a blogger post. Guess I'll research Windows Live Writer too :) thanks!



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