Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It takes a village, apparently.

CrazyLake Art Gallery where I am Director is producing an exhibit in June called Secret Palace, Secret Garden. The idea for the exhibit came from a local fiber artist who thought it would be fun to have an exhibit/challenge where we start with an image, and ask all the participating artists to produce something inspired by that image.  Instead, we decided to start with something non-visual (a poem) and ask visual artists to produce a response to that.  It can be a representation of a section or line of the poem, an expression of the metaphor, whatever comes to mind for each artist.
Because I often need someone to tell me what I’m looking at, I didn’t have this poem in mind when I started the new dragonfly mosaic.  But my friend Laine Stoker came in and said “are you doing that for the upcoming exhibit?”  Dummy that I am, I said “no, why?” 
The dragonfly mosaic is in a more or less fantasy style, and the poem is a utopian/fantasy which, as luck would have it, includes a line about dragonflies.  So……….TA DA!  I have an entry for that exhibit.  Thanks Laine!  Winking smile
If anyone out there in blogland is interested in entering as well (deadline is not until May 13!), you can download the prospectus at or email me at
Here’s how it’s coming along:

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