Saturday, March 19, 2011

This is really not that interesting. Really.

It’s coming along…..I’d like to have accomplished more in the 12 days since I started it, but I do, after all, have a gallery to take care of.  And in the course of those 12 days I staged an art exhibit opening and compiled a show catalog, so I guess I should cut myself some slack. 
After all the glue and thinset is dry, I will go back in and draw in some more grass (or reeds, whatever you want to call that).  I know that sounds counterintuitive, but it can be so hard to predict what it will look like after you apply some glass.  I like to put in the most important things first, then go back and fill in.  I often won’t do any more drawing at this point, I’ll just ad lib it, but this time I want to be sure to get a nice solid bottom to it, and bring the side edges up a bit so that it sort of frames the picture.  So I think it’s a good idea to sketch in some kind of guidelines.  And then……..
Time to scrounge up some tempered glass!  Winking smile

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