Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well, this is how we learn, right boys and girls?
Multiple areas of tarnish under the tempered glass I applied on Saturday.  Today is the first I have looked at the mosaic since Saturday afternoon. When I left the studio on Saturday, there was no sign of trouble.  Today, I discovered that MAC glue is incompatible with Mona Lisa Products gold leaf.  It seems not to have reacted with the silver leaf, so hopefully I have only to remove the tempered over the gold, and replace the gold leaf and then the tempered on those sections.  Another view:
I’d really like for someone to assure me that the same thing won’t happen eventually on the silver sections, but I called the Mona Lisa Products company 800 number and was informed that it is no longer in service.  And I got an answering machine when I called the number on the MAC glue bottle; in fact, they didn’t identify themselves – I’m not even sure it was the MAC glue company. 
Are you sure this isn’t Monday?

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