Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Great Glue Fiasco update

I removed all the tempered glass over the tarnished gold leaf, scraped up the gold leaf and replaced it.  My intention was to try Weldbond, but fortunately, Linda Smith reminded me of a discussion on MAO ( that I had read awhile back but completely forgotten.  It suggested that the water content of Weldbond might be a problem also.  So I tested it on a scrap of primed MDF and sure enough, it darkened the gold leaf.  Next test, DAP and Lexel silicone adhesives:
It looks like either of them will be fine. 

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  1. Does the Weldbond darken it or is that just the photograph. Whew, is right. Glad you found a solution.

  2. Hi Lee Ann,

    I took a class with Ellen Blakeley and we used epoxy two part slow drying from: douglas & sturgess resin #7828/hardener #8140. It's great stuff you just apply it and then you have about 3 to 5 hours working time depending on how hot or cold the temperatures outside are the colder it is the longer work time you have. I love your work and thanks for sharing your process with us. Peggy

  3. What is DAP? I use Lexil or Ice
    resin for gold leaf. Jode, NH

  4. @KPCL Girl - the Weldbond is what darkened the gold leaf. I think it's the moisture content that did it.

    @Peggy - the epoxy - was it applied on top of gold leaf?

    @JJ - DAP is a clear silicone adhesive you can buy at hardware stores- very similar to Lexel. I haven't heard of Ice resin though - where do you find that?

  5. I know you can put the gold leaf on top of the epoxy and then you need to put more epoxy on top of the gold leaf but I think it would work to put the epoxy over the gold leaf if its already down. Does that make sense? I haven't used gold leaf yet but have put papers and lace under tempered glass using the epoxy and I remember in class Ellen saying you could use gold leaf also.



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