Monday, April 25, 2011

One down, one up, and four new classes!

I have FINALLY finished the tempered glass on the dragonflies mosaic.  It seems like such a long time since I started this, although it was only March 5.  But I guess I got used to moving through projects more quickly when I was able to work at it full time, and now I get impatient too soon.  Anyway, I’ll wait until I grout it to show it to you again.  I will have to wait until next Monday or Tuesday in order to let the Lexel cure properly.  It doesn’t actually take that long, but Monday will be the first opportunity I will have to work at it without interruption. 
But I have some big news to share with you!  I am starting a new mosaic that will be included in the book WIP Yourself Into A Mosaic Artist by Rayna Clark.  The book will follow works in progress (WIP) by a number of artists from concept through finished mosaic.  It will demonstrate the process in much the same way as I do here.  The book is expected to be released sometime around the spring of 2012, but I will have more information for you as things progress.  I won’t be sharing my work on it here for obvious reasons, so things may be a bit quiet here for the next month or so.  But I’m sure I’ll find other things to share!
In the meantime, how about a class in mosaics?  You may have noticed a new tab at the top.  I am now offering mosaic classes at CrazyLake Art Gallery, and in July, at the Lawrence (Indianapolis) Art Center as well. 

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