Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wish I’d though of it!

This is a marvelous post by Ken and Paper.  He proposes a Museum of Awkward Beginnings.  It’s brilliant!  I would become a sustaining member, give tours, even work the gift shop!  My favorite room would be the Angry Fit Exhibit.  It’s all about making you understand that even those famous masters of every medium started off as amateurs.  They made some crap too.  It’s ok to make crap – learn from it and move on!j0400112
I have mentioned before that I used to focus my creativity on music.  I played classical piano: Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Debussy among my favorites.  My hero and idol was Vladimir Horowitz.  (OK, this was a long time ago!)  I had many of his recordings that I listened to over and over again, certain that I was and always would be inadequate - longing to put the same power behind the music, to possess the same finesse on the arpeggios, command the same range of volume.  And then I saw a live broadcast of one of his concerts.  Oh.  My.  God.  He made mistakes!  The pieces that I played myself and knew inside and out – he flubbed them!  Not huge flubs, little flubs:  a missed note here, a hitch in the tempo there.  All through the concert!  He was human!  Hallelujah! 
I learned so much from that single concert that I have applied to many areas of my life, but it has been most useful in my art.  Yes, I can create a piece of crap.  And I can throw it away and do better next time.  Or maybe not, maybe the next one is a piece of crap too.  It’s still ok, because I know I’m learning what not to do, and that is as useful as what to do. 
Apply that to your own art and see how liberating it is!  You’ll never go back to the stress over continual perfection.

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