Thursday, May 5, 2011

If There Were A Garden….

© Lee Ann Petropoulos, 2011
It’s finished.  *sigh*
This piece is for the Secret Palace, Secret Garden exhibit at CrazyLake Art Gallery June 10 – July 23, 2011.  The exhibit is a visual and musical festival based on a poem of the same name by Carolyn Nicole Phillips, a local poet.

Secret Palace, Secret Gardenby
Carolyn Nicole Phillips

If there were a palace,
Who should rule inside
The stony walls of magic
What rulers should comprise within?
A King so kind that would giveth to the poor,
A Queen so unconditional, for the destitute
She opens her door.
A Prince so humble, his bedchamber lies present for the lowliest servant,
A Princess so loving, the brokenhearted rest their grieving heads against her bosom.
Secret palace white and wintry,
A refuge for the Fallen, Broken and Weary,
West of the Black Fortress filled with nightshade’s dreary,
Mortal birth pains doth not possess the wretchedness of Nightshade’s wrath,
Enveloped is the World in Satan’s bloodbath.
Secret palace white and wintry,
Naught a stain of regret writ upon the King’s brow,
Naught a twinge of judgment in the Queen’s lovely eyes,
Naught a cold servant cast out in the night from the Prince’s warm bedchamber,
Naught a soiled maiden’s cry escaping the Princess’s ruby lips,
The land lies sheltered, protected under the shadow of God’s gentle touch,
Gentle as the rose hips.
If there were a garden,Would goodness only grow?Fragrant, faithful flowers so colorful and rich?A babbling brook singing merry songs so beautiful in pitch?Dragonflies would buzzeth all about,Birds would invade the blossom trees,All of God’s creatures existing…Yes t’would be all of these.
Secret garden glistening emerald green,Tranquil life that bringeth peace, pure and softly swaying like the Lamb’s sinless fleece.In the Scottish valley it growth therein,The everlasting lily-flower that blooms.It bloometh for me and it bloometh for thou,The flower that lives for love,The flower of my heart.
Should the King look upon this flower,His heart would dance with generosity e’vry hour,Should the Queen glance the lily’s way,Her giving heart would dance and sway,If the Prince shivered from the winter’s wrath,His frosty lashes brushing against the dewy petals,A badge of humility receiveth he, a thousand golden metals,If the Princess should smell the stench of unkindness in the air,Her eyes would rest upon the scented creation fair,May her senses be filled with unbridled beauty,Her spirit released to run free like the saddle-less Spanish mare.
Secret, secret palace,Secret, secret garden,The best days of life are yet to come,The worst days have flown West,The Angels smile down from their starry residence,The Demons damn us for belonging to the Father,Do not fret for you are no longer theirs,They do not own youNevermore your blood shall be the purchase of sinful wine,Forevermore you shall belong to the Bountiful Thine,Your comatose state will never be the same dreamless sleep,An Angel’s envy shall be your Heavenly keep.
You no longer need your sexual charms,You are safe and secure in the Father’s perpetual arms.
Secret palace swept up in the clouds now passing away,Secret garden following behind,Leaving the World’s undying decay.

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