Saturday, May 21, 2011

Take a chance.

Another post about creativity itself, rather than the product of it.  Everyone has something to say about creativity, the process, the roadblocks.  But when it comes to discussing why we sometimes can’t manage to create, even though we want to very much – even need to – it helps to remember this:
“The whole point of creating something is to become something more today than you were yesterday.”
That is from Ken and Paper, whose wise words I have quoted before.  How clever of him to put his finger on it so precisely, when the rest of us run around bumping into excuses for putting off starting this project, or finishing that one; avoiding the confrontation with the inevitable “what if it’s crap?” question.
And as Ken says – it doesn’t matter.  The point of it is growth.  Learn something.  Stretch yourself.  Take a chance.
© 1998 Lee Ann Petropoulos


  1. Perfect advice. I'm way too preoccupied with things not being perfect or up to my standards and sometimes it forces me into a box where I stagnate and end up not creating. It's really hard to not think about it and just jump in!

  2. It's amazing how many places I've run into this advice myself in recent months. I supposed because if just strikes a chord with me right now, I notice it more. I get bored easily, so if I don't stretch creatively, I won't do anything because I rebel against doing the same thing over and over.



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