Monday, June 20, 2011

Tweezers are for more than pulling chin hairs

I can’t show you yet what I’m working on, because it’s for a top-sceret quasi-governmental anti-terrorist project book that shows the works in progress of several mosaic artists.  So really, showing you the work in progress would be unfair of me, wouldn’t it?  However, I thought I could show you a little video, which obviously won’t get into the book to remind you just how insane I am.
In this project I have spent waaay too much time picking up and setting down tiny pieces of glass with tweezers.  If you want to hear the commentary, you’ll probably have to turn up the volume on your computer, since my camera was quite possibly the first digital camera ever produced.  (OK, it’s 6 years old, but that’s nearly 287 in digital camera years.)

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