Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New blog post–another way of avoiding what I should be doing.

I’m SO close to finishing my current project I can hardly stand it!  I get so anxious to finish when I get close – and for some reason that translates into flitting around doing everything BUT finishing it.  I can’t explain it.  Anyway, as soon as it is done I’ll post a picture of the finished piece. 
I am going to shift to a change of pace after that.  I have done a couple of big pieces in a row, and next I’m going to do a few small ones.  I have promised Eve Lynch a butterfly for the Callusa Nature Center in Ft. Myers, FL.  She is coordinating a public project to be installed outdoors there. 
Then I’m going to give mosaic pendants a shot.  I haven’t really been to interested in doing mosaic jewelry before, but I’m looking for something that won’t take too long, and might sell in this market (small town) and economy (sucky).  I don’t care for millefiori at all, so I will mix some glass bits with gemstone chips that I found at a bead supply house.  We’ll see how those turn out.002
Also, I decided to try to mosaic some tennis balls.  I think I’m going to regret this.  I should have wrapped them in Rigid Wrap first, because thinset DOES NOT want to stick to the furry outsides.  Look what a lumpy mess they ended up!  I’ll have to give them another coat, but I think it would have been a lot easier to just start with Rigid Wrap.  Live and learn.

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