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That was my husband’s comment when he saw this photo.  We have always loved grapes – we grew two varieties in New Hampshire and my husband’s grape jam was TO DIE FOR!  Over the years, we have talked about trying to make our own wine, but by the time we might have had enough grapes to give it a go, it sounded like altogether too much work.  This mosaic will be for me – “Collection of the Artist”.  Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?  And because of that, I am willing to do a little experimenting that I might not otherwise feel comfortable with.  For example, the background: in looking at reference photos, a couple of them had a bokeh background in which I could tell that bright sunlight was falling on gold and yellow and brown vegetation behind the grapes, but couldn’t really tell what it was.  I wanted that look for behind the grapevine, so I decided to toss in the gold and yellow and browns in opus palladianum.  I think I will be happy with it, but I don’t know…

And in other, random grape-related news, this picture is from our garden in New Hampshire.  They turned a very deep purple in September.
bountiful harvest
And I used to make sculptural grapevine trellises from wild vines.  I made one really cool sculptural element for a wine shop in Wolfeboro, NH but I can’t find the picture of it!  However, you can get a little peek of it behind the owners on their web page.  Next door to that shop I did a trellis for the front of the Winniepesaukee Chocolates shop.

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