Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mosaic mirror

The mosaic mirror I repaired for my friend (see this post) is finished.  After gluing in the replacement tiles, I decided to grout the whole thing.  It wasn’t originally grouted - the tiles were obviously supposed to fit in tight so there would be no need.  However, the were several scattered section of maybe 3” x 5” where they didn’t fit tight, and bits of white mastic showed through.


So I mixed up some snow white grout with blue and green powdered pigments to get a pretty good match.

Dummy that I am, I forgot that it was going to dry considerably lighter, so those gaps were still quite noticeable.

After I cleaned it up, I went over the whole thing with a thin wash of acrylic paint – green black, titanium white and a touch of french ultramarine blue.  The lines disappeared and here’s the finished piece:
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  1. Yup, I do the paint wash thing too when necessary! Do you ever use acrylics as your pigment. I always do despite advice to the contrary and there has never (so far) been an adverse effect...

  2. I have never used acrylics to color the grout when mixing it, just because of the dire warnings! lol

    But I'm inclined to try it now that you say you've done it without a problem. I really don't like the powdered pigments - they're so wimpy! I know I can get darker colors by starting with grey instead of white, but they are never a nice 'rich' color.

  3. You just make an amazing job. You have talent and your piece of art really shows how great you are. I wish I can have that mirror.



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