Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh, here we go again.

003I’m starting on the grapevine mosaic, and I’m determined not to make this one as detailed and difficult as the last one!  I didn’t really expect to on the last one either, but it just sort of happened.  Something a little easier and faster this time. 
I do hope the way this started wasn’t an omen, though.  I had traced the outside of the Wedi on brown kraft paper and then drew the design.  I seldom do that anymore, I usually just draw right on the substrate.  Anyway, I got my graphite paper out and made a nice little sandwich with the Wedi and the drawing and traced away.  When I took everything off the substrate, there wasn’t a single mark on it!  I didn’t have the graphite paper upside down (and yes, I have done that more than once!) but for some reason, it didn’t transfer at all!  I redrew the design by hand, and of course that always means a change or two.  But so what, right?
I considered getting one of those contraptions that will cut perfect stained glass circles as small as 3/8” for the grapes to make it even easier, but decided against it for two reasons:  1) this is a bad time for me to be investing in equipment, even if it is fairly inexpensive, and 2) I decided that perfect circles would look too unnatural, and I wouldn’t want them all exactly the same size anyway, which would mean constantly readjusting the machine.
I think I’ll be happier with the grapes cut so that some of them are peeking out from behind others, like so: 
But of course they will take a lot longer - this is how it always starts!

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