Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspiration almost got away from me, but I grabbed her by the tail.


I had a tiny little moment of panic this afternoon.  I am back in my studio after my 2 1/2 weeks away and ready to rock.  But I had nothing to work on!  I had just finished September (which, by the way, is on its way to Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, NC for the Delish exhibit) before leaving, and nothing else in the works.  That used to be a rarity for me, I used to have two or three things in various stages on any given day, but since I’ve been heading up the gallery, I function much better focusing on one at a time.

So – panic ensued.  I rummaged through my collection of little bits of design inspiration I have squirreled away through the years – bottle labels, magazine clippings, photos from the internet, postcards, doodles, etc.  I thought of working on a mosaic of a photo my daughter took last year at Kew Gardens -




Then I ran across a photo from my gardens that I had stashed away in an obscure file - a gorgeous purplish poppy -






I considered trying to do the poppy, but shift the colors more toward the hue of the lotus flowers.  Then I got distracted.

I have two identical pieces of MDF that I have saved forever, planning to do a set of 2.  I’m not good with the duplication of effort required for a set or a series (see my little self-discovery here).  Fortunately, these are small (18.5” H x 6” W), so I can probably kick my butt through it with promises to reward myself with a bottle of 12 year old Glenlivet when they’re done.

And I’m in the mood to step outside the comfort zone here.  I’m not going completely off the ranch (still botanical themed) but colorwise – a shocking lack thereof. 



Yeah, that’s a fairly pointless photo.  All it really tells you is the depth of my ADD.  Oh well, I’m nothing if not honest about it.





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