Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Toodles til October…

Well, I just have all kinds of goodies to share with you!  I have been a very busy little bee these last couple of weeks.
First of all, I finished the grape mosaic – it is titled September.
September30” x 6.5”
glass, 24K gold and ceramic on Wedi
© 2011 Lee Ann Petropoulos
I also have 3 mosaic pendants I finished, one with matching earrings, but damned if I can photograph them.  I’m going to have to investigate how to photograph jewelry before I can show them to you.
My other project has been glass painting.  My mother, a friend of hers and I took a glass painting class at the Lawrence Art Center a couple of weeks ago.  We painted wine glasses.  I took the class with the intent of applying what I learned to painting clear glass to include in mosaics.  But when I happened to see some really cool martini glasses with zigzag stems, I thought “tree trunks!” and took them home and made Mar”tree”ni glasses!!!!
I hadn’t thought about selling them but I had two people ask for them, so I’ve sold two sets already!  I guess I’m in the glass painting business too, now.
So I hope all that busyness carries me for a couple of weeks…..I’ll be out of town and won’t be able to work on anything.  If you get bored, you could check out my writing blog A Modern Dilemma….because you only want a few words.  I post mostly very short fiction, and the occasional essay (still very short), and a poem once in a blue moon each Monday – Friday (except when I don’t).  Some of the stories have a real twist at the end, some are pretty morbid, some are beautifully happy (but no fluffy marshmallows and cute puppies – I hate that shit).  If you’re so inclined – I’d love to hear your comments over there.
Toodles til October…..

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  1. Your grapes look beautiful and I like the size. there are always places to put a long narrow piece of art. Good job, well done.



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