Monday, November 28, 2011

A monkey in the pudding

There is not a lot of art being made here these days.  I’m sure everyone is finding that the holidays slow them down a bit too.  But in addition to the holiday hub-bub keeping me busy, my husband and I are getting ready to move to Tennessee, and most of you will know how a move (or even just the prospect of one) can throw a monkey in the pudding (my husband’s new phrase, thank you very much!).
We will be moving to Kingsport, TN (or very near) within the next month or so.  On Wednesday of this week we’ll travel there to find a new home and check out all that the area has to offer.  From the limited view I’ve had through the internet it looks like a wonderful area.  I hope very much that there is a lively art scene, but I don’t think you can get a sense of it until you go see. 
In the meantime, the best I could do is an unfinished study of a sycamore tree.  It will likely never be finished, because…..well…. I just don’t care.  But it was something to do, and it felt good to have an image develop from my scribbles again.
2011-11-27 11.10.11

Sycamore study
Conte crayon on Bristol paper

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  1. Haven't stopped by in awhile. So, you're moving twice? Uh, I think you're excused from lack of inspiration, though I love the tree study. And you'll have plenty more "tree inspiration" in TN. I grew up across the border in NC. Keep us posted.



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