Thursday, November 10, 2011

My creativity has severe limits.


See what happens when I have to channel my creativity into other areas of my life?

chicken salad

Ok, I realize it doesn’t look that bad.  But here’s the thing – the Old Bay seasoning was the ONLY thing that made it palatable.

Maybe you need a little backstory here:  I hate cooking.  No, that’s not quite it –


I loathe cooking.  I hate kitchens and everything in them.  Except the water tap.  That I can handle.

But I have been left to my own devices now for 4 days and counting.  I’m hungry.

All of the food that I could just take out of the fridge and put in my mouth is gone, so I had to cook today.  Chicken breasts seemed like the easiest thing to prepare, but I like the one dish kinda thing – put your protein, your vegetables and starches all in the same dish, grab a fork and off you go.

But I wasn’t in the mood to hike off to the grocery, so we use what we have, right?

I had chicken, eggs, avocado, celery and


I hate to admit it






That might have been creative, but it was barely edible. 


I need a studio soon.


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  1. We were definitely separated at birth. I have a giant bowl of chicken salad in my fridge for a week. No one would even look at it but me and my husband actually suggested that it was the chicken that made my son sick...with the flu.

    I hate kitchens too. Can't food just make itself?!



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