Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let me apologize in advance….

There’s a fine line between copying someone else’s artwork, and making your own interpretation of a theme.  And I don’t mean to imply that I have walked that fine line this time.  I totally copied.  And I’m sorry.  Really.
My son is 24, and still a kid at heart.  Always will be, and that’s a big part of his charm.  One of the things that tickles him is the Homestar Runner cartoons.  Homestar, his girlfriend Marzipan, a Mexican wrestler named Strong Bad, The Cheat, Coach Z – they are all ridiculous, but they make me giggle.  I can’t actually recommend you go waste your day on these cartoons, but if you appreciate utter silliness as I do, go check them out here.
Anyway, one of the characters is Trogdor (aka ‘The Burninator’)– a dragon with one arm.  A couple of months ago, my son found this online, and posted it on my Facebook wall with the caption “DO WANT!”:

I have searched for the name of the maker, and would love to give full credit for it, but I haven’t had any luck.  If you happen to know who made this, leave a comment here and I’ll update it.
So obviously, what’s a mother to do?  I had to make him one. 
I made the decision to do this just before packing up my studio and putting it in storage, so I held out only the things I would need for this project.  Because I had no studio to work in, I decided to use only stained glass and polymer clay.  My thinking was that a few sheets of stained glass would give me a range of hues without having hundreds of jars of glass to choose from.  After researching the character a little more I decided to make the background from shades of white, which would also make the dragon stand out more.  The letters, feet, eyes and smoke swirl are polymer clay, the rest is Van Gogh glass and stained glass:

Waaay outside of my normal style, but fun.  And a surprising Christmas present for my son, who, at his age, isn’t easy to surprise.


  1. WOW!!! I actually like your version best; the contrast and detail are amazing. And what a great gift for your son! This is both whimsical and... stunning.

  2. Thanks Anna! I was happy with it, but I must admit I'm not anxious to do anymore cartoon characters again soon. ;-)



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