Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh Happy Day!!!

I’m so excited!  I have found a studio space in my new home town!
I dithered about what to do when I moved – I thought that perhaps the thing to do was to work from my home.  I don’t have the space for a dedicated studio room, but I thought maybe I could store the glass in the garage and work at the dining table.  After two days I knew that I could NEVER live with this mess on a continuing basis, so I set about searching for something cheap, local, and in the company of other artists.
Jonesborough is not a large town, so I thought it might be more promising to try Johnson City, which is a 15 – 25 minute drive, depending on which side of town you’re headed for.  They also do First Friday every month, which I would really like to participate in, and have an active Arts Council.  However, finding space wasn’t easy, and finding space in the company of other artists was impossible.  Discouraged, I set off for home.
On the way, I drove by Jonesborough Fine Art, a gallery I had been meaning to visit since I got here, but hadn’t managed to stop in yet.  I thought they might be a good resource – maybe they would know of a space for rent suitable for an art studio in the vicinity. As it happens, they are a brand new non-profit co-op gallery (July 2011) and have two studios in the back of the gallery, both of which were available and affordable!  They both need a little work, and the one I chose is currently being used as a catch-all for DIY supplies, but it has a closet and the other does not.  At approximately 12’ X 12’, I could use a little more elbow room, but it’s convenient, affordable and way better than my dining room!  Besides, I’d rather be in a smaller space and around other artists, than in a huge studio with no one to talk to!
The nice thing is that it will serve both as work space and display space.  And the very best part?  It’s 5 minutes from my house. Awesome sauce.
Before pics:

From the hallway leading to the studio – the stairs lead to space upstairs that will eventually be used as classroom space (at no additional cost!).


The closet looks small because the doorway is skinnier than normal, but it is about 3 feet deep and goes back all the way under the stairs.


Looking in from the doorway.


A peek in the window.

They started cleaning it out for me this past Saturday, and I’ll be able to get in there next week to paint and begin moving in.  I still have most of my studio stuffed in a storage shed in Indiana, so I will be organizing a trip to collect it in a couple of weeks (weather permitting).
I’m so excited!


  1. Your new art studio is going to look so good. I love the old wood boards and that gives it character. Having space for your art classes makes it all work together. Look forward to following your process. Have fun creating your new space!


  2. Congratualtions! Sounds like a wonderful place to create and contemplate with other artists — and it looks like it has not only a closet, but a window, too. Happy studio to you!

  3. Thank you! I'm really looking forward to getting in there! I'll share some pics of how it comes together soon.

  4. Fantastic Lee Ann! Such a significant thing. And think of all that lovely glass you can store in that cupboard!

    1. Oh yes! I will fill it to the top! :)



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