Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2 days of uninterrupted sleep, please. Make that 3.

Exhausted.  Yeah….really exhausted.  The kind that just won’t go away.  I’m getting to old for this shit.
Friday night we drove 7 hrs. to Indiana to pick up the studio furniture and glass I had in storage there.  Got in late, got up early to pick up the UHaul trailer, and then loaded it in absolutely frigid conditions.  The temp was in the teens (which is actually not that bad), but the wind cut right through you.  Anyway, we then drove back 7 hrs on Sunday and unloaded everything into the studio – just dumped it, no energy left to organize or put stuff away.
So Monday and Tuesday I moved furniture, put glass on the shelves, unpacked boxes, and…believe it or not….carted a bunch of stuff home from the studio.
Bummer.  My darling little table that I got at Goodwill and lovingly refinished won’t fit.  Everything else of importance is there, so I’ll manage without it.
So remember the ‘before’ pics of the studio?  Here are the ‘after’ pics:
I borrowed the green plastic chair from the meeting room next door until I can find an upholstered chair that seems to fit in, but the steamer trunk belonged to my great grandmother – that was one of the things I brought home from my mother’s house.  Pretty cool, huh?

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