Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Am I in a rut?

Trees.  With bare branches.  Sunrise/sunset.  Well, if that’s a rut, so be it.  I love them.
Started a new mosaic today – the first since my son’s Christmas present, and the first of my own design since September.  I’ve been twirling the design around in my brain for a week or two, and decided to commit to it.  I have sketched only the barest minimum onto the substrate – let’s just see how it develops, shall we?
It feels like it’s been SOOO long since I was cutting glass.  And since the SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists) conference is coming up and I can’t go……..it feels like a consolation prize, but I’ll take it!!!!!
Raven on a tree branch – I really like the way the iridescent black glass shines – much like the way real bird feathers do.
Just a touch of the tree trunk started – and the sketch is minimal enough that you can’t even see it in the photo!  LOL

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  1. Check out the mosaic tiled steps in San Francisco. I think you will find them interesting. http://www.everythingthecity.com/?p=249



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